Real Estate Transactions

The purchase, sale, or leasing of a new home is one life’s most exciting times. However, the process has the potential to end up being complicated and stressful which is why choosing a reputable and responsible attorney is so important. The legal services offered by Watson Legal, PLLC are aimed at providing representation that allows our clients to remain fully informed and prepared from the start of the transaction process through the handshakes at the end of the settlement conference.

We also understand and appreciate that you are in the midst of making one of, if not the biggest purchase of your lifetime.  By the time you arrive at our office’s in-take program you’ve been underwritten, had many documents requested, and you’re probably anxious to get to the end of the home buying process.  The last thing you want is for this final step to be handled in a manner that doesn’t appreciate or prioritize your schedule.   That’s where we believe Watson Legal separates itself from other firms.   We will do everything in our power to closer your transaction in a thorough and timely manner. [-More-]

Small Business Law

Partnering with an attorney can help you with the different aspects of your business law needs including compliance with various laws and regulations and providing the legal framework which business may be conducted and managed. The choices you make during the initial planning period can make all the difference in determining the success of your business. [-More-]

Wills & Estates

At Watson Legal, PLLC we look forward to speaking with you about you estate planning needs. We offer several services including wills, power of attorney, and other documents. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with us today. [-More-]